Therapy for Gender Identity

Gender Identity and the Issues surrounding it can seem overwhelming in a world that doesn’t often lend itself to tolerance and compassion. If you’ve ever felt that no one understood you, heard you, or could see past the labels and stereotypes, you are NOT alone.

Issues regarding one’s Gender Identity can manifest itself in our lives in ways we cannot foresee. Whether we are closeted by our fears and shame; whether we worry if we can be loved for who we are; whether we simply seek peace of mind about our own unique individuality, it can be a tough slog through the inner world of our soul and mind, and the outer world with which we must deal each and every day.

I want to assure you that you can face yourself and face the world, living a healthier life with peace of mind. There is no agenda but your health and wellness.

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty
is telling the truth to other people.” 
– Spencer Johnson

Let’s lose the fear and depression; the self-loathing and confusion. Let’s gain hope and peace and health. Let’s gain self-acceptance and clarity.

Such an outcome may not come easily, for surely facing what is inside ourselves is often far more daunting than facing the world or our families or our living environments. While the risk appears large, once we can look inside ourselves, one often finds the risk overstated, and the outcome much more positive than we could have imagined or hoped.

Don’t let depression, shame, fear or despair be the considerations upon which you base decisions on how to live your life, nor interfere with finding love and acceptance. Let’s work together to make your life and your world a better, healthier, and more peaceful one.