What is Tele-Counseling?

Tele-Counseling (or Remote Counseling) refers to any type of psychological service performed over the internet or telephone. Such  counseling is available for individuals (or couples) where in-person office visits are difficult to arrange due to travel issues, illness, debilitation, age, or health mandates which require people to shelter in place.

Tele-Counseling can be helpful to those where local therapeutic help is generally not available and travel distances can be daunting.  Tele-Counseling is often less-expensive than in-person office visits.  Additionally, more and more insurance companies are recognizing the need and helpfulness of tele-counseling for their plan customers.  As such, tele-counseling is more widely available for filing for reimbursements or claims.

There are various avenues for a Tele-Counseling session.  The three (3) that I use in my practice are ZOOM, SKYPE, and phone.  ZOOM and SKYPE both are capable of providing video/audio sessions, and audio only sessions.  Utilizing the phone (landline or mobile) is chiefly audio only, unless you have SKYPE or ZOOM installed on your smartphone (mobile).

Platforms supported include:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Tablet (Android, iPad, Kindle)
  • Mobile (Android or iPhone)

To learn more about ZOOM, follow this link –>  ZOOM Info

To learn more about SKYPE, follow this link –>  SKYPE Info

Payment for Tele-Counseling is accomplished via Paypal or Venmo.

If you are interested in Tele-Counseling for yourself or others, please feel free to contact Helen to discuss the options that are available.

Helen Hill MA MFT
2211 Corinth Avenue, #203
Los Angeles, CA  90064
Email: helenhillmft@gmail.com
Phone / Text: 310-779-7795